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Precision Die Cutting Services

RAND Manufacturing uses precision die cutting to cut-out or punch-out intricate shapes from non-metallic materials that include cellular rubber (foam rubber), solid rubber (sheets and rolls), and plastics. We use two different types of precision die cutting equipment.

Examples of the precision die cut parts we produce include die cut washers and die cut gaskets as shown in the videos below.

The next video shows our hydraulic punch press in action

Die Cut Cellular Rubber (Foam Rubber)

There are two types of die cut cellular rubber: open cell foam and closed cell foam. RAND Manufacturing works with both types and in a variety of materials.

Open Cell Foam

Closed Cell Foam

Die Cut Sheet Rubber (Solid Rubber)

RAND Manufacturing can also die cut sheet rubber, a type of solid rubber that comes in different elastomers and thicknesses. We can source rubber rolls and use them for rotary kiss cutting, or convert them into sheet goods for subsequent processing.

Precision Die Cut Parts: Made in America

RAND Manufacturing is a precision die cutter with an ISO 9001:2015-certified manufacturing facility in Lakemoor, Illinois. We take quality seriously and are proud to be a Made in America manufacturer.

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