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Rubber Cellular & Solid

RAND Manufacturing provides provides precision die cutting, slitting, and laminating services for both  solid rubber and cellular rubber material. These elastomers are available in many of the same compounds and can be extruded into shapes or molded into sheets. The hardness, or density, of these rubbers is specified by durometer, which is measured on the Shore A scale.

Cellular rubber and solid rubber differ in terms of their structure. Cellular rubber can contain balloon-like pockets that either hold air (closed cell) or allow it to pass (open cell). Solid rubber does not share this structure of interconnected pockets. 

In general, solid rubber provides greater impact resistance and sponge rubber provides better cushioning. However, foam rubber is also available in higher durometers for rigid materials with less compressibility. 

Cellular Rubber Material for Die Cutting, Slitting, and Lamination

RAND Manufacturing provides precision die cutting, slitting, and lamination with both open cell rubber material and closed cell rubber material

Open Cell Rubber Material

Closed cell rubber material

solid rubber material for die cutting, slitting, and lamination

RAND Manufacturing can also die cut sheet rubber, a type of solid rubber that comes in different elastomers and thicknesses. We can source rubber rolls and use them for rotary kiss cutting, or convert them into sheet goods for subsequent processing. 

Solid Rubber and Cellular Rubber Fabrication Services

RAND Manufacturing is ready to provide you with precision die cutting, slitting, and laminating services for cellular rubber and solid rubber at our ISO 9001:2015-certified manufacturing facility. We take quality seriously and are proud to be a Made in USA manufacturer. 

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