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Quality Delivered for Over 25 Years

Other companies offer only machining or only die cutting. RAND Manufacturing excels at both.

We’re a full-service manufacturer with these services.

ISO 9001:2015 certified. Made in the USA near Chicago and just 10 miles from Wisconsin.

Precision MachinING

RAND Manufacturing uses both manual and CNC equipment.

Our CNC equipment includes: 

  • Swiss screw machining 
  • vertical tooling
  • multi-axis tooling
  • multi-spindle tooling 

We machine these materials: 

  • plastic
  • metal
  • solid rubber
  • foam   

Precision Die Cutting & Gasketing

RAND Manufacturing uses both hydraulic punch presses and rotary die cutting equipment.

We die cut these non-metallics:

  • cellular rubber (foam rubber)
  • solid rubber (sheets and rolls)
  • plastics
  • specialized silicones

Ask us for die cut products like:

  • foam gaskets and washers
  • foam tape adhesives
  • LED gaskets
  • EMI gaskets
  • thermal pads

Thermally Conductive Solutions

RAND Manufacturing fabricates thermal management materials for applications that include:

  • electronics
  • LED lighting
  • cannabis grow lights 

We are an authorized distributor for Celera, a leading provider of thermal management solutions.

Slitting and laminating

RAND Manufacturing uses two types of slitting equipment.

  • Log slitting
  • Rewind slitting

We also laminate plastic and rubber substrates with pressure-sensitive adhesives (PSA). 

  • Rubber-based PSA
  • Acrylic PSA
  • Silicone PSA

Ask us for:

  • Single-sided tapes
  • Double-sided tapes
  • Foam tapes

RAND Manufacturing does it all. From precision machining to precision die cutting, and for services that range from design assistance to distribution, RAND is your complete Made in America solution.

Steve Melito


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